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Editor's note: This recipe appears as part of our editors' Christmas Cookie Swap , 10 beloved holiday recipes from the editors of Epicurious and Gourmet Live. Make sure to make a deep impression in the dough with your thumb or a small pestle, and don't overfill the hole with jam, as these cookies will flatten and spread in the oven. Also, be sure to leave plenty of room in between the dough on the cookie sheet.

Use a doily as a stencil to dust the confectioners' sugar in a festive pattern.

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

The texture of these cookies is amazing! Crispy and buttery. These were delicious!

My one change to the recipe was leaving out the dough to warm up enough for me to work with it. Delicious and easy to make. The recipe I tried last year did not include an egg and it was dry as sawdust. This one is perfect. It will be my go-to recipe from now on. My co-workers loved the cookies I baked with this recipe. I was using my Grandmother's recipe when it called for corn starch and I found that I was out. So I looked up this one and made it. I only had to redo a little bit of it. I also mixed the dough together in my Ninja food processor with their dough blade and the cookies turned out amazing!

This one will be going in my book.

Rule the Kitchen with More Recipe Faves

Very good, three forks because of some small changes. I got 4 dozen small cookies from this. They are butter and light and easy to make, unlike my old thumbprint recipe. These came out "perfect" looking and were a cinch to make, but where is the flavor?

How to make

I tried thinking of ways to dress them up, but I ultimately threw them away and made the MUCH better tasting thumbprint -- shortbread. If you're looking for a delicious thumbprint, head over to Sally's Baking Addiction and check out her Almond Shortbread Thumbprints.

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Love this recipe. I let the dough stay in the fridge overnight. Took it out 2 hours before forming cookies. I found cookies that were rolled and left to sit for a few minutes easier to indent and fill. Baked on convection setting of for minutes per sheet.

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Got about 65 cookies that are bite size and no running jam! Thanks for all the tips. Hello, I have to make 6 dozen of these cookies.

barefoot contessa

Can I triple recipe or should I reduce some of the ingredients? I love this recipe. I made these cookies 6 times ranging from raspberry, apricot, black cherry, blueberry jams. It's so simple that I memorized the recipe. Although, I switched the vanilla extract to almond extract and used 2 teaspoons instead of 1. Now it has become the most popular among my family and friends. LOVE this recipe! Did not leave the dough to set for 1-hour Used a 1 T. Filled with homemade jam from the Strawberry Guava tree in my yard. Changed cooking time to min total.


Cookies came out perfectly fluffy with light brown around the edges. Jam needs some time to totally set, but you can certainly eat them right away if you're like me and have no self control. Hi there! I made these tonight and they were amazing! I actually failed on my first attempt using my grandma's recipe with walnuts - these are so much more simple and fluffy.

I also am linking this to my blog - celebrating National Apricot Day this coming Monday and made these in honor!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies with Almond Glaze Recipe | Land O’Lakes

These cookies are fabulous! The cookie itself is light and airy, and the confectioners' sugar makes the cookies even more elegant! I made the dough ahead of time, and my grandsons aged 5 and 2 helped me roll it out. I cut out the cookies, and they made the thumbprints and filled them with blackberry, orange, and raspberry jam.

The kids were so excited, and they loved the cookies! Easy to make, perfect recipe! Made these for Christmas plates. By Sara Quessenberry November How to Make It Step 1. Chef's Notes. You May Like. Read More. Weezer T Love these cookies. It's become one of my quick go to recipes because I can turn out a few dozen in a short time, and they look fancy.

The basic cookie dough tastes great and using different color jams in the same batch makes things look pretty. But, next time make sure its healthy.

Tks Andrea. Made these today with my son. Very quick and easy!