Optoelectronics : Infrared-Visable-Ultraviolet Devices and Applications

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Mohankumar, L. Arivazhagan, M. Saravanan, and S. Saravanan J.

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PDF Optoelectronics Infrared Visable Ultraviolet Devices

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Hoseinzadeh, and A. Sari J.

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Khan, Umar Farooq, M. Mujeeb, and A.

Arduino UV Index Meter - Working with Ultraviolet Light

Wahab J. Arrar, M. Benhaliliba, A. Boukhachem, and A. Ayeshamariam J. Azimi Sne Seni and H. Karamitaheri J. Zhang, L. Wang, J. Zhu, J. Liu, and S. Guo J. Anbuselvan, N. Mohankumar, and A. Mohanbabu J. AlFaify and Mohd. Shkir J. Ali, Muhammad U. Qadri, Naseeb Ahmed, M. Optoelectronic devices are electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducers , or instruments that use such devices in their operation. Optoelectronics is based on the quantum mechanical effects of light on electronic materials, especially semiconductors , sometimes in the presence of electric fields.

Important applications [3] of optoelectronics include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Branch of electronics involving optics. Not to be confused with electro-optics. Biophotonics Nanophotonics Microphotonics Photonic computing. Arrayed waveguide grating Diffraction grating holographic grating Monte Carlo method for photon transport Wavelength selective switching Atomic coherence Autocloning dark state photon diffusion.