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The Mapping of Integration. The Mapping of Differentiation. The Mapping of the Convolution.

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Applications of the Convolution Theorem: Integral Relations. The Laplace Transformation of Distributions. Rules of Mapping for the L -Transformation of Distributions. The Normal System in the Space of Distributions.

The Behaviour of the Laplace Transform near Infinity. The Fourier Transformation. The Image of the Product. Asymptotic Behaviour of the Image Function near Infinity. The Holomorphy of the Represented Function.

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Ordinary Differential Equations with Polynomial Coefficients. Partial Differential Equations.

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  • Introduction to the Theory and Application of the Laplace Transformation.

Integral Equations. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction In anglo-american literature there exist numerous books, devoted to the application of the Laplace transformation in technical domains such as electrotechnics, mechanics etc. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Laplace transform is a wonderful tool for solving ordinary and partial differential equations and has enjoyed much success in this realm.

With its success, however, a certain casualness has been bred concerning its application, without much regard for hypotheses and when they are valid. Even proofs of theorems often lack rigor, and dubious mathematical practices are not uncommon in the literature for students.

Th this end, this text addresses a number of issues that are rarely considered.

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Or, in many proofs it is required to take the limit inside an integral. This is always fraught with danger, especially with an improper integral, and not always justified. I have given complete details sometimes in the Appendix whenever this procedure is required. Again it is shown that this cannot always be done, and specific sufficient conditions are established to justify this operation. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 1 Basic Principles. Average Review.

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Properties of Laplace Transform (Part 1)

It covers the main theory, platforms and applications of this key part in distributed systems and applications, especially in large-scale distributed environments. The authors teach Fractal Image Compression: Theory and Application. One half of the book is authored by Yuval Fisher himself, while articles from another