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Ana KriƩgel: The five things that convicted Boys A and B of murder

The prosecution could not state definitively that Boy B had brought the tape to the house or that he knew what Boy A planned to do with it. But it could present the facts and let the jury make up its own mind. They have few concerns about its safety, and children play freely throughout its 80 hectares, or acres. This is partly because the park is well covered by CCTV, including movement-activated cameras that can follow subjects as they walk past. They also obtained footage from many other sources, including private cameras on the sides of houses, and even checked footage from buses and trains that passed nearby that day.

In terms of finding Ana alive, it was a fruitless exercise.

Detectives later determined she was murdered within 40 minutes of leaving her home, just a few kilometres from her front door. But the footage was invaluable in the investigation of her death. Minutes later, cameras in the park picked up two figures assumed to be Ana and Boy B walking near the BMX track in the general direction of Glenwood House.

Crucially, the cameras also picked up Boy A walking in the same direction about 20 minutes earlier. The footage supported the theory that Boy A had gone ahead to Glenwood House and was lying in wait for Ana there. No CCTV footage showed Boy A going into Glenwood House, but a witness did see a teenager matching his description climbing into the field beside the house. His track was a degree angle to the road, and it was a beeline towards the disused farmhouse.

Physical Evidence

The mass of CCTV evidence presented the prosecution with a challenge. It needed to find a way of presenting it to the jurors coherently and without overwhelming them. They also used a digital map to show where each piece of CCTV footage came from. It was an innovative method of showing the jurors the exact route each person had taken without having to bring them to the park. First, and most obviously, it laid out to the jury the timeline of Ana leaving the house that day and their efforts to find her.

Ana left home at about 5pm with Boy B, Patric said. For the next four hours they searched for Ana and tried to find out where Boy B lived. At 9pm they went to Leixlip Garda station, which was able to locate his address.

Much of their evidence dealt with the difficulties Ana faced in the final months of her life: her loneliness, her need for friendship and the relentless bullying she endured. Much of the bullying was about her height, her mother said. There was palpable public anger outside the courtroom that this sensitive evidence was being elicited.

But there was a good reason, the prosecution said.

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Evidence-based practice - Getting the facts

All too often in murder trials the victims become an abstract piece of evidence. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Conor Gallagher Crime Correspondent.

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  • Securing the scene.

TAIC has control of the scene, and co-ordinates the access required by other authorities. At least two of the investigation team will typically travel to the scene. Depending on circumstances and scale, investigators may be supported by a vehicle recorder and data specialist, families and media liaison officer, and logistics support. The investigation team co-ordinates with the emergency and other services involved. Health and safety considerations are particularly important in what can sometimes be difficult and potentially dangerous working conditions.

Warming Oceans

Risks and hazards can include weather and terrain, accident vehicle dangers such as sharp, flammable or unstable wreckage, pollutants and disease. Evidence collection is broad to support the many routes that an investigation could follow. The initial focus is on gathering evidence that could disappear or change.

This includes recording the accident scene, recovering wreckage, securing electronic records, and interviewing witnesses. Investigators may also seek information from related services such as traffic control.