Iced: The New Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Fiction

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I was excited to read this one, not sure why Belfast is particularly noir but willing to find out. The first stories in this series of short stories set the scene. Before, during and after "the troubles" in the 80s, Belfast has been a city of ghosts.

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  • Iced: The New Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Fiction.

In struggles against the English, between Catholic and Protestant, Belfast is full of pubs, allies and squares where this one was martyred and those died for no reason or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stories are of children whose bombs went off early and simple folks caught in the cross fire. Dark, cold for much of the year and haunted by needless deaths, the editors begin by asserting that Belfast is "The Most Noir City in the World".

As the book progresses, the hard boiled crime dramas that define noir make their appearance. McKinty is rather clever in his arrangement of stories and though it starts slowly, it makes sense in the end. I'd also like to mention that this was a real education for me. As bad as I was aware Belfast was in the 80s, the stories provide a window into the ongoing struggles of the good people of North Ireland. These stories are raw, direct, quintessentially Irish and gripping.

Again, the dark shadows of the genre extent as the stories progress but all are well crafted, entertaining and educational in so far as they communicate the pain of the Irish experience and the legacy of the struggles of the 80s. I absolutely loved some of the stories and most of the narrators but couldn't give it five stars all around due to a few that fell short of the quality of the others.

I suppose in an anthology that's to be expected. Be no surprise that this collection had a very high variance.

Cold Hearted

Several stories were 5 star worthy. But a few were Star Still if you are a fan of the Irish you could do worse. Superb, inventive and varied collection of place-and-time themed noir short fiction. Expertly read by the four narrators. I have half a dozen "Noir" books sitting on my bookshelf. Each book is a collection of short stories by top notch writers.

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They're fun to read when traveling to a new city, or revisiting a favorite place. I'm not familiar with most of the writers in "Belfast Noir" , except Lee Child, a British writer who created the adventurer investigator and hero, Jack Reacher. Well, I'm not as familiar with those authors - yet.

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What's neatest about each book is there's always a story that resonates with me. Unfortunately, that was on the North stuck in unrelenting early evening "rush hour" traffic that really should be called "slow to stop hour traffic". That's the drawback of an Audible listen, but it's a small sacrifice for a good story instead of inane radio hosts chattering on about celebrity arrests.

Like so many Americans, I've got a strong Irish immigrant background. I grew up knowing about 'The Troubles', but I hadn't really thought much about them since the Good Friday Agreements of Some of the stories - like Lucy Caldwell's "Poison" are time and location independent.

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A lot aren't, so the book has a historical and geographic introduction that helps put those stories in perspective. Almost all of "Belfast Noir" is narrated by voice actors using Ulster accents, which I enjoyed. An interesting read if you're interested in Belfast but needlessly edgy at times and graphic. It seems like its trying to be dark by way of over compensation. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I highly recommend this audio book. Your audiobook is waiting…. Belfast Noir. Series: Akashic Books: Noir. Length: 7 hrs and 52 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Launched with the summer '04 award-winning best seller Brooklyn Noir , Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies.

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Most Helpful Most Recent. Not what I expected I thought it was going to be all about the troubles not the place but actually there are different stories mostly crime but there are modern stories about Belfast. Protoknuckles Bethpage, NY HMac8 He grabbed her by the throat and held her against the wall. She reached out, clutched the shower curtain, and yanked it off its rings. Her knee bashed against the side of the tub as he lifted her into it and pressed her body against the cold tiles of the wall.

Talk about the unexpected! These days, one generally thinks of erotic fiction in terms of Fifty Shades of Badly Written and Equally Boring Tedium but Stacey took two reclusive fear-ridden lovers who came together over a band aid and a conviction that death was imminent, and he wrote a truly original story and, a cliffhanger ending! I have to ask him, how did you do it?

And, how long did this book take to write, where did you get your ideas from and how did you make it so darn funny? Stacey: Thanks, Lisa!

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The question of how long it took me to write the novel is an interesting one. I had written eighty or so pages in a matter of months, I was zipping along smoothly, and then something crushed my momentum like an asteroid hitting a freeway — my relationship of seven years came to an end. My life changed drastically and I became distracted. When I finally did return to it, I was rusty, and the characters were unfamiliar.

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  • Iced : The New Noir Anthology of Cold Hard Fiction;

The best of these 16 stories by Canadian authors are cool, clever, and completely oblivious to the limits of the genre, while showing respect for its conventions. Sellers risks sensationalism in using elements of a recent, real-life incident, but his characters are cynical, not grotesque; the situation horrifying, not implausible.

Made to Kill

A few of the stories never quite get their hooks in, and the stories by Kevin Burton Smith and Matthew Firth are little more than bad-boy posturing, but the generally high quality here is such that even the outright duds are little more than momentary dips. Iced is the rare genre anthology that contains many rewards for non-devotees and, as such, should be an annual event.

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