Differential Geometry of Submanifolds and Its Related Topics

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Recent Differential Geometry and its Applications Articles.

Recent Differential Geometry and its Applications Articles - Elsevier

Recently published articles from Differential Geometry and its Applications. Local existence of a fourth-order dispersive curve flow on locally Hermitian symmetric spaces and its application December Minkowski identities for hypersurfaces in constant sectional curvature manifolds December Pre-symplectic structures on the space of connections December Sobolev H1 geometry of the symplectomorphism group December On the smoothness of some quotients of Banach-Lie groups December On the geometry of the Clairin theory of conditional symmetries for higher-order systems of PDEs with applications December Stability of triply periodic minimal surfaces December Timelike Hilbert and Funk geometries December Principal configurations around umbilics of spacelike surfaces in null hypersurfaces of R14 December Singular fibres of harmonic morphisms on S4 December Polyhedra with simple dense geodesics October Remark on a lower diameter bound for compact shrinking Ricci solitons October A Godbillon-Vey type invariant for a 3-dimensional manifold with a plane field October Point leaf maximal singular Riemannian foliations in positive curvature October Projections with fixed difference: A Hopf-Rinow theorem October A gradient flow for the prescribed Gaussian curvature problem on a closed Riemann surface with conical singularity October Integral curvature bounds and bounded diameter with Bakry—Emery Ricci tensor October On complete Finslerian Yamabe solitons October Critical Robertson—Walker universes October G2-manifolds and the ADM formalism October Complete Yamabe solitons with finite total scalar curvature October A note on gradient Einstein-type manifolds October Equivariant holonomy of U 1 -bundles October Lagrangian-type submanifolds of G2 and Spin 7 manifolds and their deformations August The spectrum of continuously perturbed operators and the Laplacian on forms August Slice theorem and orbit type stratification in infinite dimensions August Results of Liouville type for symphonic maps August Geometrical optical illusion via sub-Riemannian geodesics in the roto-translation group August Domingos H U Marchetti.

Special Functions for Scientists and Engineers. Quantum Implications. Basil Hiley. The Elements of Non-Euclidean Geometry. Harmonic Vector Fields. Sorin Dragomir. A First Look at Perturbation Theory. James G. Vector Geometry. Gilbert de B. Manfred Stoll. Fundamentals of Scientific Mathematics.

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Peter Mittelstaedt. Matrices and Transformations.

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Anthony J. Special Functions. Richard Beals. From Quantum Cohomology to Integrable Systems. Martin A. Partial differential equations in physics. Michael Thambynayagam. Michel Chipot. Ordinary Differential Equations. William Cox. Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers. Mikhail Itskov. The Story of Mathematics.

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Anne Rooney. Takashi Suzuki. Topics in Modern Differential Geometry. Stefan Haesen.

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Feynman's Rainbow. Leonard Mlodinow. Maximum Principles and Geometric Applications. Luis J. The Mathematics of Life. Ian Stewart. Recent Developments of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics. Herbert Amann. Anatoliy Malyarenko. Carl B. Circles Disturbed. Apostolos Doxiadis. Clifford A.

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test4.expandit.io/finding-lily.php Kazuhiko Aomoto. A Differential Approach to Geometry. Francis Borceux.

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Hyperbolic Manifolds. Albert Marden. The Inverse Problem of the Calculus of Variations. Dmitry V. Fascinating Mathematical People. Donald J. A Logical Introduction to Proof. Daniel W. Geometry of Cauchy-Riemann Submanifolds. Progress in Partial Differential Equations.

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