A Companion to the Reconstruction Presidents 1865-1881

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Series: Wiley-Blackwell companions to history. Subjects: Reconstruction U.

Reconstruction d'après-guerre (1865-1877) -- États-Unis

Published: History of the reconstruction measures of the Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Congresses. Ask Us: Live Chat.

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Wiley Online Library. Frantz, Edward O. Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, the character of the South, and even its persistence as a distinct region, was an open question. During Reconstruction, the North assumed significant power to redefine the South, imagining a region rebuilt and modeled on northern society. The white South actively resisted these efforts, battling the legal strictures of Reconstruction on the ground.

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Meanwhile, white southern storytellers worked to recast the South's image, romanticizing the Lost Cause and heralding the birth of a New South. In Stories of the South, K.

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David Wooster. Burton, Richard, ed. Hartford, CT: A. The Life of Ulysses S.

Grant, General United States Army. Hartford, CT: S.


A Companion to the Reconstruction Presidents, 1865 - 1881

James G. Batterson, Stone Contractor.

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