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You can make do without one by wrapping yourself in multiple thermal blankets, or Amazon sells an awesome Tummah Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag that weighs less than 4 ounces. Sheets —Cloth and plastic sheets can come in handy for ground-cloths, tablecloths, bandaging, food covers, etc. Shovel —A shovel is another multipurpose tool that comes in handy in a pinch. A military folding shovel, like this one from Amazon, lets you dig, saw, chop, cut, pick, pry, hammer, and even open bottles.

And it even folds so you can carry it easily. Bug repellant —Insects are ever-present in the aftermath of disasters. Pack some bug spray to protect yourself from irritating bites, painful stings, and bug-carried diseases. Disposable camera —A disposable camera will allow you to document the damage done to your home so you can later report it to the insurance company.

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Gum —Chewing sugarless gum after a meal can help prevent tooth decay. Watch out for mint-flavored gum.

The mint can seep into other items in your pack and flavor them. Nobody wants minty granola bars. Information like addresses, milepost number, emergency contacts, etc. Powdered gatorade —This is a great way to rehydrate and add some flavor to your drinking water, especially if you are purifying your water with a LifeStraw.


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Being prepared means you need to test your survival kit. Testing your hour kit is one of the most important parts of emergency preparation. There are countless blogs with opinions on what to pack in your kit, but few mention testing them. What if you forgot to add a change of clothes? Or you find out that the recommended pocket-knife actually sucks?

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If you packed for an infant but now have a toddler, your needs are going to change. Also, take this chance to check battery life, switch out expired food items, and update your hour kit, as needed.

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Immunizations up to date —Make sure you keep your immunizations up to date annually. Disasters cause all sorts of injuries and health concerns, and you want to keep yourself protected from any illnesses you might encounter. Young children —We mentioned infants earlier, but toddlers and young children can create unique challenges. Do you know how to use all of your equipment? Pets —Pets are like children and you need to plan for their specific needs as well.

Organization —A neat, organized pack goes a long way to relieve stress in an emergency.

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Being able to find what you need as quickly as possible is a must. Emergency notifications are blowing up your phone and in the distance sirens signal that rescue and recovery efforts are underway. You grab your hour kit and begin searching for a safe place to wait it out until help arrives. We use cookies to enhance your website experience. By continuing to use our site you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our policy. Click for more information to find out what cookies we use, what they do and how you can disable them.

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By Kyle Lemmon. Only pack what you can realistically carry in an emergency situation. Download PDF Water and non-perishable food Water —Water should be 1 on the list for every hour kit; it is the most basic and most important thing you need to survive. These can leak or explode in your pack. Gear and equipment Backpack— One of the more common mistakes for hour kits starts with the backpack. Personal supplies First aid supplies Medications —Make sure to cover the basics to deal with pain, in case you or someone in your family is injured during the emergency.

Other things to consider Immunizations up to date —Make sure you keep your immunizations up to date annually. Click the button below for a printable checklist. Was this article helpful? Thank you for your feedback! However, in the case of a surprise event or situation, there may not be time to broadcast the information, or you may not have access to a TV or radio. You need to be prepared for the unexpected and know how to react quickly.

The City of Oceanside may utilize the Reverse system known as Alert San Diego to notify our residents or business community of important emergency instructions.

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The Alert San Diego system is linked to telephone landlines or registered cell phone numbers. There is no need to register a landline, for they are automatically in the system. Please register your cell phone with Alert San Diego; free of charge. Click Here to register your cell phone. In the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster, the City of Oceanside may designate temporary shelter locations, most-likely at pre-designated schools, until permanent shelters can be established by San Diego County Office of Emergency Services.

Information would be provided to the public on the locations of the temporary shelters if the need arises. The City of Oceanside governmental leaders are prepared to respond to the different types of hazards we face to the best of our ability. We have an Emergency Operations Center in place and exercise it on at least an annual basis. We encourage our residents to prepare themselves for at least 72 hours following a disaster, for we acknowledge that emergency responders will be responding to many incidents throughout our city.

We also encourage our business community to prepare themselves for at least 72 hours following a disaster and to establish a Business Continuity Plan , so that they can quickly recover from the effects of a disaster. Together, we can partner to create a prepared and resilient city and a place where the quality of life can be enjoyed throughout the year. The following are suggestions for you and your family to follow to be better prepared for a possible disaster:.

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